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Cure For a Broken Heart

Let's go through a possible scenario: You've just gotten word that the love of your life is leaving or has left you, for whatever reason.

You might begin with the question to yourself, "How do I feel about this?"

"Stunned" or "incredulous" or [ ]. Something not pleasant perhaps.

"What is it about him or her leaving me that causes me to feel [ insert the bad awful feeling]?"

Your response: (There may be more than one)

"I'll be all alone."
"I'll never find another man/woman as beautiful."
"I'm not good enough, attractive enough, appealing enough, etc."
"My friends will think that I'm a loser."

Let's just say that these are the reasons that you feel bad.

The next question that you might ask yourself is this:

"Why do I believe that?" or "Do I really believe that?"

If your answer is "yes" explain why.

What you will inevitably learn is that you are believing the following things:

  1. I must be unhappy in order to care about important things in my life.
  2. Just wanting something isn't enough for me to go after it. I need to be unhappy in order to motivate myself to take action.

The new beliefs that will liberate you are these:

I can be happy while pursuing my relationship goals.

I can be happy in spite of what happens to me, not just because of.

As you explore this process in greater detail, you will see how it could be applied to not only removing your own unhappiness but that of the person who you want back. The most likely reason that someone would want to break up with you is because of his or her own discontent. When you help to remove their unhappiness, you cause them to think more clearly about the situation.

Is the Option Process the solution for getting your ex back? No, there are other systems available that address this issue directly. But with this new Option "attitude", you eliminate much of the misery that comes with troubled relationships.

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