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Why Men Leave Women

6) You didn't have the same energy level as him. Some guys have boundless energy, comparable to the energizer bunny. Or maybe you are the one who can do one-arm pushups in your sleep and he would be content to just have you go "fetch" another beer while he lays on the sofa in his underwear.

7) You put on some mega-weight. Remember, men tend to "think" on a sensual level (visually, touch, aroma). When you look, smell and feel good, a lot of the distracting chatter inside his head soon goes away. To put it another way, if a man doesn't like the way you treat him, he could, in the final analysis, conclude that the real problem is with your physical appearance (strange, but true).

8) You blow through his money like it grows on trees. Having too much month at the end of the money is always a recipe for a short-term relationship. This isn't nearly as problematic if you spend it on something that the both of you like. If you buy him a new set of truck tires because the old ones are almost worn out from mudding, he'll probably still scold you a little but secretly admire you for looking out for his best interests.

9) Your interest in lovemaking (with him) has declined to the point that even you don't remember the last time (although he will continue to provide you with the exact date and time, whenever he thinks about it, which is every 90 minutes). This isn't one that you can get away with for long... but why would you want to? After all, if he still found you desirable, he'll certainly put up with your little imperfections.

10) He left because he's just not that into you, period. Typically, this is someone who wouldn't stick around under any circumstance. These types are often troubled and generally have the relationship skills of a sociopath. You'll miss his charming nature, and his numerous apologies but in the end, you won't feel motivated to visit him while he's in prison (since you'll have to wait in line while all of his other girlfriends take their turns).

11) You have a tendency to stretch the truth to such a degree that only a person who loves science fiction would find you appealing. If he doesn't believe in extraterrestrials, don't say that aliens were responsible for causing your car engine to run out of oil and seize up in the middle of a busy freeway.

12) You did the unthinkable and allowed the postman to "deliver his package" right in your bedroom. Cheating (once you're caught at it) will almost always get you dumped.

These are some of the main reasons for why men leave women. If he left you and  he's the one with the emotional problem, the character disorder, the addiction, etc., then you are better off without him. Consider yourself fortunate that he's gone and find someone new.

Rather than generalizing about why men leave women, determine the exact reason. If you know deep down that this relationship is a keeper, and you're willing to make it work, learn the most effective system for getting him back.

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