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Why Men Leave Women

It isn't long after you get dumped that you may be tempted to wonder, philosophically, why men leave women.

In general, men leave women because it is more tolerable being with someone else or being alone than being with their current partner.

Men usually don't get much credit for having emotional sensitivity when it comes to ending a relationship. Here's a possible reason why:

When a man begins losing interest in you, the first thing he is likely to do is interpret it as a lack of physical attraction, even though he initially considered you appealing. It doesn't matter if your appearance is exactly the same as when he met you, he will still believe initially that it's physical. This is because men tend to rely on their remarkably keen sense of vision when it comes to making important emotional decisions.

Unfortunately, you can't generalize when it comes to solving this issue. In order to make the question useful, then, it is first necessary to rule out any of your behavior that would naturally cause a man to leave the relationship with you. Normal guys don't just end a relationship "because they can"...there's always a valid explanation.

Let's look at 12 specific reasons of why men leave women:

1) You used the dreaded silent treatment to "train" him and it backfired. Emotional stability is extremely important to men. They don't want to delve too deeply into their own psyche, let alone yours. When you savage him with silence, you will be placed in the same category as a rubix cube; something that can't be solved in 10 minutes or less, so why bother.

2) You were hooked on something, as in...addicted. Okay, maybe he would tolerate you having an addiction to sex but that's about it. Drugs, booze, gambling, tobacco, food, glue.... you cannot expect him to stick around while you implode. Ever seen a meth addict? They look like the undead.

2) Your overall personality could be described as "toxic". Joan Crawford (a.k.a., Mommy Dearest) may not have had a bona-fide case of Borderline Personality Disorder but she was definitely an emotional vampire, draining the life force from every man she met. Once your guy realized this about you, he was on the first Amtrak out of Transylvania. Sure, he loves sports (no, that's not considered an addiction) but did you have to cut the cord on his new HD plasma TV just because he wanted to watch the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night and you wanted to attend a rolfing class?

4) You communicated in a judgmental fashion. No man likes to be criticized or compared unfavorably to someone else. Perhaps you were terminally sarcastic. The root of that word means "to tear flesh." If your empathy skills make Vlad the Impaler seem like a compassionate guy, then you can chalk this reason up as a major contributing factor for why he left you.

5) You don't have anything in common, at least things that he considers important. Can you honestly say that you and your ex partner liked doing the same things? The more passionate a guy is about his interests, the more important it is that you like them also. (continued on next page...)

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