Hold On!!! 

Are you ready to get your ex back?

Take the quiz below to find out:

Answer the following questions to determine if you should get back with your ex:



 1. Do you "know yourself" extremely well? (Could you write an autobiography?)

 2. Are you fundamentally compatible, personality-wise, with your ex?

 3. Is your ex emotionally healthy? (No anger problems, no jealousy issues...)

 4. Were you able to communicate responsibly with your ex when you were together? (Do you know how to communicate empathically?)

 5. Does your ex have a healthy, functional personality? (Antisocial, Borderline, Paranoid, Narcissistic, Obsessive Compulsive)

 6. Is your ex a trustworthy person? (Would you trust him or her with your bank account, your car, your best friend?)

 7. Is your ex free of addictions?

 8. Are you free of any of the issues listed above?

 9. Is your ex still "available"? (Has he or she remarried or moved in with someone?)

10.Did you and your ex have a non-violent relationship?