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Friendliness- Now I know what you're thinking...you've been friendly to all the girls you've met and it didn't mean squat. That's because friendliness only counts after they've already spit something in your face and are waiting to see what your reaction will be. When you can acknowledge and laugh at their hostility, you are displaying the ability to transcend their level, which is not only powerful but attractive.

Building a persona means creating the person you want to be while incorporating as many of these characteristics is possible. Hang around people you know have some of the qualities that you desire (as long as they aren't toxic personalities). You'll soon be modeling their behavior. Even if you don't have someone like that to hang around with, you can find someone (an actor) whose personality mirrors what you're attempting to create. This metamorphosis is necessary because you can't remain the same person inside and expect to see different results. It just doesn't work that way.

Entertain- If you have a talent,  a skill that includes things like handwriting analysis, doing magic tricks, etc. you have a good foundation. Entertainers draw crowds wherever they go.

"People become better looking as they become better liked"

With the power to attract comes responsibility; there's no real usefulness in attracting people with whom we don't share some fundamental compatibility.

There's something to be said about being in the right place at the right time. Cultivating our own intuitive skills would certainly make life easier. Imagine being able to be in the location where you stand a 100% chance of meeting a compatible person ninety percent of the time...would having that skill interest you?  Perhaps the most successful people aren't even so highly skilled in or don't possess the characteristics of being an attractor but simply have a profound sense of picking the right location at exactly the right time. Intuition is correct 100% of the time, the challenge is in the interpretation of it, sense intuitive signals tend to be very subtle and open to misinterpretation more often than not, especially if we're "too" hungry for something to work out a certain way.

Although this isn't a lecture about lifestyle changes, if you're overweight, you can greatly improve your ability to attract just by getting into shape. Looking good physically means being clean, dressing appropriately, maintaining a posture that declares "I'm confident and you'll want to know me" But you already know that so I'm not going to dwell on it any further. This is, after all, about building the 'persona' that attracts others to you.



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