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The Attraction Factor


Then he attempted to move a waste basket with his metal hand. The wastebasket tipped over, spilling out its contents. You could hear a pin drop. I'll always remember what he said, which forever changed my opinion about him. "Bad wastebasket!!" he snarled. I laughed out loud, realizing that this guy had something valuable: he was funny. By the time the course was over, he had won over everyone with his wit. He had absolutely no problem attracting people. That's the power of "funny". Anyone who is genuinely funny has an advantage over people who are considerably better looking but self-centered. In fact, guys who can make others laugh don't even seem to have "looks". They're just generically perceived as attractive.

People who are good listeners are often viewed as attractive, and they are unique, since so few people really know how, or are willing to listen to what another person says.  Good listeners use steady eye contact and they ask meaningful followup questions.

You probably already know this but I'm going to tell you again because it's important: Never compare yourself with anyone else when it comes to physical characteristics. Sometimes you'll come out on top; many times you won't and it really isn't  a dependable way to determine how well you'll do anyway.

You should also know that there's no escaping the fact that you're going to have to cave in and begin liking yourself, even if that seems impossible. You must be willing to give yourself value.

So why do people emphasize beauty so much? Because it's a natural attractant. It doesn't require any effort. This is why so many people spend time and money on products that enhance their looks. It's much less work than a mental makeover.

Mystery- When people see you around constantly and don't know anything about your status, you become unique. If you're an open book, there's not much to be learned.

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